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Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try to keep things from spilling on our floors they just do. Whether it’s your beloved pet who couldn’t wait to go for a walk or a child knocking over a glass of juice or even wine spilled at a party, spots and stains are just part of life. Depending on the age and type of carpet you have, having a good protector applied to carpets and grout will allow time for a spill or spot to be absorbed with a towel due to the beading effect and surface tension they create giving you time to wipe up that mess. If there is no protector on the surface often depending on what is spilled, the carpet fibers or grout lines will absorb that spill making it very difficult to remove.

There are good consumer products available on the market that can help remove the stain but be careful of products that are soap based or bleach based as they may cause more spotting later on or take the dye permanently out of the carpet or grout.

We can apply a protector after your next cleaning to give you the protection you need. If you’ve got a spot or stain that won’t come out of your carpet or tile & grout our regular cleaning usually gets them out.

If it is a difficult stain from coffee, wine, blood, kool-aid, lipstick, crayons or markers we usually have to apply special chemistry to the stain to remove it for an additional charge.  Not all stains can be removed and carpet fiber damage called shading cannot be removed.